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Let's set your business plan out today

Do you have a business plan?

Your business plan is the sat-nav that keeps the company moving in the right direction.

Having that guidance can be a massive benefit to your success as a business. But what elements should you include, and what are the main considerations to think about?


A detailed business plan will generally include:

  • A clear direction for the business – a well-crafted business plan gives you a defined path to follow, outlining the company’s purpose, goals and strategies. This helps everyone understand the business’s mission, so you’re pulling in the same direction.
  • An overview of your financial strategy – your plan will include revenue projections, expense forecasts and funding requirements. This financial guidance gives you the foundations for mapping out your budgeting, cashflow and securing investments.
  • An overview of threats and opportunities – a robust plan will identify the potential challenges and risks faced by the business. This helps you develop contingency plans for overcoming these challenges, reducing your risk and keeping the company on track.
  • A summary of your sales and marketing strategy – outlining your sales and marketing strategy helps you target the right audience and differentiate your business in the market. This is vital for winning customers and driving your sales revenue.
  • Attract the right investors and lenders – a solid business plan enhances your credibility when you’re approaching investors or lenders. A good plan will demonstrate your commitment to the business, your understanding of the market and your ability to achieve long-term success. This is essential for securing investment and funding.

Your business plan is never written in stone. It’s a dynamic and evolving document that changes as the business progresses. Revising your business plan on a regular basis helps you improve your goals, refine your strategy and adapt to meet changing circumstances and markets.

How can we help you with your business plan?

Having a solid business plan is what gives your company direction, structure and meaningful objectives as an enterprise. As your adviser, we’ll help you understand your business goals and vision, and will help you translate this into a watertight business plan. We’ll also help you track your performance against this plan, and will work with you to update the strategy as the business evolves.

Remember a plan without action is only a dream

If you’d like to know more about business planning, we’ll be happy to explain. Get in touch to discuss your business plan.

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