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Money Beliefs and Financial Freedom

What’s your money story?

What you believe about money and how you relate and interact with it affects every aspect of your life and business, that’s your “money story”. A belief is simply a story that you have told yourself so many times that you think it’s the truth.

Let’s start by understanding what money means to you, what it represents, and what feelings it evokes. Of course, there can never be one right answer. For some, money can represent freedom, opportunities, or fun. For others, money can evoke feelings of stress, inadequacy, or a lack of control.

However, money doesn’t have to be any of those things.

The associations that we unconsciously attach to money are (like so many things) based on our understanding, experiences, and environment.

We should ask ourselves:

  • What really matters?
  • How does money fit in with our priorities?
  • How do we ensure our money story does not interfere with being the person we want to be?

Often, it’s not money that’s the challenge or problem we need to understand and change; it’s our association with it. This association involves the value we place on money and, more often than not, the value and worth we place on ourselves. We’ve allowed money to be the benchmark for the value of all things we hold dear. We assume that the more we have, spend, or save, the better we will be as people.

But should we always be in pursuit of more money, more growth, and more success? Taking a moment to understand what truly drives us is a powerful and thought-provoking reflection to have. Uncovering our own money story in the greater context of our business and personal goals could be critical to our success.

While we love to help clients manage their money and grow their business, we believe all business owners should also have time and mind freedom. This means having time for family, friends and hobbies, and reducing the stress so many business owners face.

No matter what your goals are, we’ll help align your business and personal goals to ensure you have financial, time and mind freedom. Get in touch to find out more about how we can help.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

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