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Bookkeeping isn’t Sexy but is fundamental

Bookkeeping isn’t sexy but it is a fundamental part of your financial process as a business. Without it, you won’t understand the true current financial health of your business.

Inputting your financial transactions into some form of record-keeping system is also a mandatory commitment if you’re a registered business and paying goods and services or value-added tax. Bookkeeping provides you with a historic breadcrumb trail of your finances allowing you to track your cashflow, revenues and profits over a given period, available for reporting and accessible whenever you need them.

But how should the bookkeeping process work, in an ideal world?

Here’s some easy steps to follow.

  • Record all transactions immediately – recording both your income and expenses as soon as they occur is VITAL.
  • Categorise transactions accurately – when recording transactions, make sure you’re accurate and categorise each item correctly so you can track your spending and income more accurately.
  • Reconcile your accounts regularly – regular reconciliation of your transactions (both income and expenses) against your bank statement and other financial statements is a key part of your bookkeeping.
  • Scan all financial paperwork – this gives you a digital copy of all the paperwork that relates to your income and expenses.
  • Use a cloud-based accounting system – bookkeeping doesn’t involve books (ledgers, in accounting-speak) anymore – you can use cloud-based accounting software to upload your scanned transactions and access your financial data.
  • Outsource your bookkeeping to a professional – yes, you can do your own bookkeeping, but there’s a LOT of value to delegating all the hard work to a professional bookkeeper. If you don’t have the time or expertise to manage your bookkeeping yourself, outsourcing is a smart move.

With today’s cloud accounting software, bookkeeping is a far less tedious task than it used to be. But it’s still a regular, time-consuming job that can take you away from running the business. Let us do the books, so you can get back to talking to customers and building your business.

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Cloud accounting software suppliers such as QuickBooks or Xero provide excellent services

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